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ST Equipment & Technology

ST Equipment & Technology (STET), originally founded in 1989 under the name Separation Technologies, has been a business unit of Titan America since 2002, a subsidiary of Titan Cement Group—a multinational company of Greek origin specializing in the production and marketing of construction materials such as cement, enhanced fly ash, ready-mixed concrete, precast, and aggregates.
Headquartered in the Boston, Massachusetts area, STET is the developer and patent holder of triboelectrostatic separation technology. This innovative process enables the environmentally friendly separation of fine particles (finer than 600 microns), water-free, minimal CO2 emissions, and with very low energy demand. These triboelectrostatic separators, acknowledged as the most efficient in the market, make them highly desirable for processing various materials:

- Fly Ash by product from coal combustion in thermal energy generation plants, enhancing its use as a supplementary cementitious material.
- Minerals sourced from mines or quarries with sometimes insufficient purity, which can be increased to maximize their value.
- Organic Materials with concentrated components, increasing their benefit as nutritional agents in the formulation of food & feed.


Our collaboration with STET commenced in 2011, driven by the realization that their technology could seamlessly integrate into our solution for the valorization of coal fly ash and its incorporation into the value chain of cementitious materials. Over the years, we've witnessed the application of this technology in other industry segments such as mining and balanced foods, leading to the diversification of our organization in terms of knowledge and experience, and the expansion of our solutions portfolio.

Having a direct line to the STET Technical Center provides us access to the necessary infrastructure and human talent required to continually enhance the technology. This includes the evaluation of our clients' materials at both the laboratory and pilot plant levels, ensuring the ongoing success of our collaborative efforts.