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CEMENGAL, a company of Spanish origin founded in 1988 with headquarters in Madrid, initially began its operations as a contractor for turnkey projects in the cement and related industries, primarily in Spain. Over the years, it expanded its reach to a global scale. Currently, the company boasts a team of more than 80 employees, with 55 of them being technicians or engineers.

Having amassed extensive experience as an EPC contractor, CEMENGAL leveraged its knowledge to pioneer Plug & Grind® technology. This innovative approach involves a containerized modular grinding plant, characterized by a high degree of standardization. The plant can be erected within a few months and swiftly installed upon arrival at the assembly site due to the substantial progress achieved in electro-mechanical assembly. Plug & Grind® technology is versatile, applicable in the grinding of cement and grandulated blast furnace slage (GBFS) , with potential applications within the mineral processing industry.


The collaborative partnership between CEMENGAL and ECORE Group, initiated in 2015, is rooted in the acknowledgment that Plug & Grind® technology offers constructive, logistical, operational, and business advantages, making it an ideal addition to our cement and cementitious materials production solution. Additionally, we foresee its potential integration into our mineral beneficiation solutions. ECORE Group's competencies, experience, and widespread geographical presence make us an invaluable partner, facilitating CEMENGAL's technological innovation's access to unconventional market niches, where it holds a high potential for successful competition against alternative solutions.