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Mogensen, the JOEST Group

Mogensen, established in 1947, operates as part of the JOEST Group. This company specializes in designing and developing innovative technologies tailored to specific needs, applicable in the screening and separation of materials for various industries that handle bulk products such as mining, coal exploitation and processing, aggregates production, recycling and waste disposal, and the manufacturing of food & feed, among others. 

Our partnership with the Mogensen, initiated in 2019, stems from the recognition that its extensive portfolio of technologies complements several of our solutions, particularly those related to mineral beneficiation and the beneficiation of raw materials for balanced feeds. Simultaneously, it enabled us to formulate a novel solution for the processing of aggregates, broadening our value proposition and integrating skilled individuals with knowledge and experience in that sector into our team. Additionally, the competencies, experience, and geographical presence of EcOre Group make us an ideal partner, facilitating access to new markets for the equipment manufactured and marketed by Mogensen.