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Grinding Mills

Plug & Grind - Cemengal

The patented Plug & Grind® technology is a family of grinding plants developed by CEMENGAL, utilizing a compact design that allows erection in an area equivalent to a basketball court. This innovative technology is developed based on CEMENGAL's extensive experience as a EPC contractor in key projects within the cement industry.
The components of the Plug & Grind plants, including the mill, feeding infrastructure, control room, electrical cabinet, etc., have been integrated into containers, the majority of which are standard 40 feet in size. This design makes them modular and standardized, not only in the manufacturing process but also in the assembly and commissioning process. Additionally, they exhibit a relatively high predisposition to portability.
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Vertical Roller Mill - LOESCHE 

The LOESCHE Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) grinds material through the pressure it undergoes between a rotating horizontal grinding table and a series of stationary rollers. These rollers rotate due to friction with the material, which moves because of the grinding table's rotary motion. Pulverization is achieved not only through compression forces but also by the shear stress experienced by the material, induced by the 15° angle between the axis of the rollers and the horizontal axis of the grinding table. This efficiently promotes an increase in the quantity of finely ground particles.
LOESCHE has developed a series of special mills for processing industrial minerals, encompassing sizes tailored to each specific need based on the nature of the material being processed.




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